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          -Company Profile-

     Lufeng Baolihua New Energy Electric Power Co., Ltd is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangdong Baolihua New Energy Stock Co., Ltd.

     The company was established on May 23, 2007, and its registered capital was RMB 320,000,000 Yuan.
     Business Scope: Wind Power generation, Renewable energy generation, High officiency, economy and clean new energy sources generation, Sales, Exploitation (With certifications operating), Technical Consultation and Services in new energy sources generation.

     Lufeng Baolihua New Energy Electric Power Co., Ltd is located in Lufeng, Guangdong Province.

     Lufeng is affiliated to Guangdong procince, neighboring to South Sea. Located in sub-tropic zone, it has sub-tropic monsoon climate and the east wind is prevailing all the year around. The coastline of the whole Lufeng city is 116.5 kilometers long and the sea area is 12,560 square kilometers. With rich wind energy and great development value, Lufeng is an ideal place to build the high-quality wind farm.

     Here is a place where the company will start its wind power dream!
Guangdong Lufeng A Lake Bay Wind Farm at Land (100MW)
     Wind is a kind of clean energy coming from the nature. Wind power generation is one of the most mature technology and has the most extensive development condition and commercial development prospect in the new energy industry. It is a kind of non-exhausting, economic and clean energy. Active exploitation and utilization of renewalbe energy is a basic energy policy of China.
     Lufeng Baolihua New Energy Electric Power Co., Ltd build and operate Guangdong Lufeng A Lake Bay Wind Farm at Land (100MW) project, which will invest RMB 1 billion Yuan. The project is planned to be built at two Phases. 24 sets of 2000KW wind power generators will be installed at the first phases, and  the second phase will be installed 52MW. Both of phases bave obtained the Guangdong Rpovincial Development & Reform Committee Energy construction approval. The project has positive practical meaning for relieving environment pressure and promoting the local economic development of Lufeng.
Guangdong Lufeng A Lake Bay Wind Farm at Sea (1250MW
      As a new field in the international wind power generation industry development, wind poser generation at sea has such advantages as higher speed quality, without occupying the land or influencing the landscape at land, compared to the wind power generation at land. Only in North Europe, more than ten countries are planning to develp the project with installed capacity exceeding 20million KW at sea approach. Germany aims to newly built a wind farm (25 million KW) at sea approach in 2025 to meet 15% of the domestic power demand.
      With 253 million KW of developable wind energy at land, about 750 million KW of wind energy 10 meters deep of sea approach and more than 1000 million KW of developable wind energy throughout the country, China takes the first place all over the world. The wind power generation at sea just starts up in China, with great commercial and extensive development potential.
     As the next key development point for the company, the project of Guangdong Lufeng A Lake Bay Wind Farm at Sea (1250MW) will be constructed to be the model base and new industry standard of the Chinese wind farm at sea. Guangdong Lufeng A Lake Bay Wind Farm at Sea (1250MW) under planning has a total installed capacity of 1,250,000KW and ti will be the largest wind farm at sea under planning throughout the country and even the world up to now, with sea area closely neighboring to Guangdong Lufeng A Lake Bay Wind Farm at Land (100MW).
Guangdong Lufeng A Lake Bay Power Station 8*1000MW (Super energy-saving environment-friendly set)
      Saving energy and prtecting environment are two subjects of the vurrent power industry. Developing big generator set with high efficiency, energy economy, environment friendly and low pollution power generating capacity is an effective way to realize energy economy and pollution reduction.
     Located between Lufeng A lake Bay Wind Farm at Land and Lufeng A Lake Bay Wind Farm at Sea, Guangdong Lufeng A Lake Bay Power Station, adjacent to the sea, plants to construct Super energy-saving environment-friendly set (8*1000MW).
     The project will make full use of Lufeng’s deep water wharf to construct ultra-super critical, Super energy-saving environment-friendly set with low pollution, thus playing a positive, important and realistic role in enhancing utilization rate of primary energy, improving and potimizing the power source structure of power grid and facilitating the local economic development.
Guangdong Lufeng A Lake Bay 100,000t Multipurpose Dock